women's bags

The elegant black bag The black bag is one of the most important bags that should be available in a woman's wardrobe, and it is preferable that it be of medium size, and there are many suggestions and options about that bag; Where it can be in a chain like that of Dior and Chanel, or a handbag that you have to coordinate with formal looks and classic clothes, or a postman bag and its features are that it is cheap. Bright color bag This bag is used in the spring and summer seasons; This bag enables the woman to get a remarkable, distinctive and strong look without making the slightest effort; Bags that are yellow, green, red, fuchsia or orange are considered to be elements of deadly elegance that attract attention easily, but it is required to obtain the greatest amount of simple and uncomplicated elegance to wear plain clothes and free of gloss, and it is okay to wear simple accessories, and put Light make-up. A huge bag similar to the color of the skin. This bag is leather close to the color of the skin, huge or square in shape, and its leather is medium in thickness, and what distinguishes this bag is the ease of wearing it every day and for several places, whether it is in the market, work or university. And care must be taken that this bag be of a medium price and a medium-priced brand, as it is prone to damage due to its color and frequent use. A very traditional bag, which is the bag that carries a well-known brand or brand. The light canvas bag and this bag is very practical, and we can use it on several occasions..

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